Emily Duncan
(She/Her) I'm a Juilliard-trained flutist and interdisciplinary performer interested in the "weird" side of the flute. I love to work with composers early in their creative process to help them develop their flute pieces. If you're into extended techniques and big, theatrical performances, let's connect!
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Emo Orchestra feat. Escape the Fate
Emo Orchestra
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Emily Duncan

Flutist and producer Emily Duncan is an electrifying, theatrical artist creating new musical experiences that live at the intersection of music, technology, theater, and art.

As a fierce champion of contemporary music, Emily almost exclusively performs new music by living composers. She has performed with The University of Iowa’s Center for New Music, The New Juilliard Ensemble, AXIOM, and the New York Summergarden Series and has worked with David Lang, Thomas Adés, Nathalie Joachim, Kathleen Supové, Maya Beiser, and Kaija Saariaho. In 2020, she was the principal flutist on tour with Maya Beiser and the Ambient Orchestra for “Bowie Cello Symphonic: Blackstar”, a live performance of David Bowie’s final album. In July 2022, she premiered a concert of new electronic and acoustic works by living Latinx composers in collaboration with SONIT. She has recently performed with Nathalie Joachim in her multidisciplinary work Ki moun ou ye at Lincoln Center and with Lizzo at the 2023 Met Gala.

As a theater-maker, Emily has had her sound design and engineering work featured in Outlet Ensemble's Brilliant Traces, the Here We Go Festival, Michael Shenefelt's "Heloise" at the 2019 Broadway Bound Festival, PasticheNYC's Persuasion (recorded, mixed, and debuted remotely in 2021), and Craig Fols’s A Tale of Two Cities Cobbled Together by the Brothers Lovejoy. Additionally, she has served as the music supervisor for PasticheNYC's Persuasion (2021) and House of Mirth (2023) and was the music consultant for the 2023 industry presentation of Crashlight the musical, featuring Mykal Kilgore and Lianah Sta. Ana. Emily is a producer for the upcoming month-long off-broadway premiere engagement of the new musical SCOUTS and the producer of the podcasts Per My Last Email and Strong Feelings.

In 2022, Emily created the web app GigCrunch to help freelance musicians take back control of their finances and check if they are being paid fairly. The prototype is free and currently available to try!

Emily holds a bachelor’s degree in music and a bachelor’s degree in English from The University of Iowa where she also completed her studies in the Undergraduate Creative Writing Program. She holds a Master of Music Degree from The Juilliard School. Emily is currently based in NYC.







2023 - Present
Was that email rude? Does my boss hate me? Is this place toxic…or is it me? Work raises a lot of questions—and too many of them get stuck in our heads, rattling around until we feel overwhelmed and unqualified. No more. Join leadership coaches Jen Dionisio and Sara Wachter-Boettcher as they tackle the topics that come up over and over again with their clients: confusing performance reviews, dysfunctional project teams, and bosses with way too few boundaries. You’ll hear stories from real people struggling with the same stuff you are—like how to say “no” to a new project, or why it’s so hard to speak up in meetings. Because it’s not all in your head: work gets weird. We’ll help you get through it—no passive-aggressive emails required. https://pmleshow.com/

Emo Orchestra

2023 - Present

Emo Orchestra Featuring Hawthorne Heights

2023 - Present
For emo lovers and orchestra aficionados alike, there’s a new show in town. Emo Orchestra brings you a unique and incredible new experience that brings together the emo hits of your youth with a touch of adult elegance. Featuring special guests Hawthorne Heights, along with a full orchestra arrangement, Emo Orchestra will be embarking on its inaugural nationwide tour from September 27-November 11, 2023.

The Met Gala

2023 - 2023


2023 - 2023
One of eighteen flutes to perform with Lizzo at the 2023 Met Gala

Producer / Production Manager

2023 - 2023
A new musical performing a month-long run off-Broadway in August 2023 A new adventure for the kid in all of us. Summer 1989. Two troops. One missing Scoutmaster. And a friggin' Mothman. Bitchin'. SCOUTS tells an original story of the Brother and Sister Scouts, rival troops in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, competing for Troop of the Year at the 1989 Summer Jamboree, when one of their Scoutmasters goes missing in the deep woods, where some say is home to the mysterious and deadly Mothman. Alex, a rebellious Sister Scout, vows to venture into the unknown. Travis, a loyal Brother Scout, follows his best friend in the woods along with the rest of the Brothers and Sisters...chaos ensuing. A mirror to the 1980s, SCOUTS is a reflection on gender and stereotypes; a modern lens on a time long past, with fresh and wacky ideas that might just work. https://www.scoutsmusical.com/about

Ki moun ou Ye

2022 - 2022


2022 - 2022
Created by composer and Juilliard Creative Associate Nathalie Joachim, Ki moun ou ye weaves together textured vocal samples, somber flute tones, and longing melodies that take listeners on a journey of discovery and defining of self. In Ki moun ou ye, in collaboration with director and choreographer Chanel DaSilva (BFA ’08, dance), Joachim takes us through an intimately staged song cycle that ponders its title’s question: “Who Are You?” Set on the remote Caribbean farmland that her family continues to call home after seven generations, Ki moun ou ye travels deeper into the Haitian heritage introduced on Joachim’s Grammy-nominated Fanm d’Ayiti. Performed in both English and Haitian Kreyòl, the immersive work examines the richness of one’s voice—an instrument that brings with it DNA, ancestry, and identity—in a vibrant tapestry of Joachim’s live voice and intricate electronically sampled vocal textures underscored by an acoustic instrumental ensemble. Ki moun ou ye invites listeners into an exploration of personal history, drawing on the voice’s historic and ongoing role as a tool for survival, healing, preservation of self, fellowship, and an affirmation of freedom. https://www.juilliard.edu/event/157681/ki-moun-ou-ye-who-are-you

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