Courtney Ruckman is a marketing and publicity professional.

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Notable Affiliations

Shreveport Opera
Jessie (Three Way) , 2019
Imperial Symphony Orchestra
First Lady (Magic Flute), 2018
The American Opera Project (AOP)
Jessie (Three Way), 2017
Nashville Opera
Frasquita and Jessie, 2017
Central City Opera
Studio Artist, 2015
University of Maryland
Bachelor of Music, 2008
Current Position(s)
Previous Experience
Cathedral Choral Society
Washington, DC
Marketing Coordinator


· Developed and executed a marketing and communications strategy for the organization · Designed all print and digital marketing materials · Managed the curation, design, and print process for concert programs Big Win: · Launched CCS Presents pilot program in July, 2020. CCS Presents delivers interviews, workshops, blogs, and performance videos to online audiences, building brand awareness outside of the Washington, DC area.
Opera Orlando
Orlando, FL
Digital Marketing Manager


· Developed company social media and email marketing strategy · Managed presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

About Courtney

Notable Projects

The Dish with RCO
River City Opera

Created social media marketing and publicity plan which resulted in 40% growth of online following and two media placements.

Julie, Monster
RVA Baroque

Worked with stakeholders to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that sold out in-person tickets over a week before opening night and increased website traffic by over 100%.